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Blending Melodies with Memorable Places

Graydon “Gig” Gwin CTC/DS

The Travel Songwriter who has visited every country on earth

About Gig Gwin

Graydon “Gig” Gwin blends 50 years of travel marketing with a deep appreciation of music. He was blessed by parents who loved music. Early family vacations included singing together as they traveled over the country. At an early age, Gig learned countless tunes across the wide variety of musical styles. The family music experience was enhanced by his older sister who has spent her life as a choral director and performed with the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and the Lincoln Center in New York City. Both sisters, plus mom and dad, played the piano and Gig learned guitar skills from well known publicist, Mel Bay (unfortunately, Mel’s skills did not transfer to Gig’s fingers).

Now retired from Gwin’s Travel Agency, the former founder and owner has found a new niche, adapting his creative music ideas with destinations from around the world. A true student of travel, in 1999, Gig completed his personal life goal of visiting all 320 countries of the world. He has written numerous travel articles and an in-depth book Travel Dreams Sold Here-Crafting an Extraordinary Vacation. The Mid- America Travel Writers Association gave the book a finalist award, and the book has enjoyed success for the last several years.

Gig’s music is full of travel destinations and experiences. Each song highlights the exciting dimensions of the destination.

Gig’s Latest Travel Songs:

Grand Prix Speed Chorus:

Come on, come on and join the fun Princes and paupers everyone. Riviera magic on the Grand Prix turf

It’s a late May race like no other on earth.

Laid Back Caribbean Island Chorus:

Laid back Caribbean island With a gentle emerald sea

Nestled in waters of blue and green You brought a new found lady to me. Sugar cane island of fruit and rum You won her with your tropical breeze. Laid back Caribbean island

Thank you for the girl of my dreams.

Unsolicited email endorsements from composers/songwriters:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Gig, writing in my style will give you great rewards, but try not to change the style. If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

Hank Williams, Sr. – Just a short note to let you know that two of my favorite songs, Hey Good Looking and I Saw the Light were not written about you.

George Frideric Handel – Finally someone who blends destinations with haunting melodies. I say “Hallelujah!”

Ludwig van Beethoven – Heard your latest demo. Liked the song. It was an “Ode to Joy.”

George Gershwin – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But your version of Rhapsody in Periwinkle still needs work.

James Brown - Listened to your latest tune. All I can say is, “Please, Please, Please, give me more travel songs.”

Johnny Cash – Got it, and listened to your latest tape, and well… it should be put in Fulsom Prison.

For additional unsolicitated emails, please go to www.tongueincheek.con.

If you need a travel song for a special location, call Graydon “Gig” Gwin at (314) 571-6937 or email him at ggwin@gwins.com