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Persian arched bridge gives entrance to the holy city of Isfahan, Iran – Photo by Gig Gwin

A Life of Travel and Adventures
“Drawing on four decades of adventure and over three million miles of travel, I hope you will enjoy this anthology of my world explorations.”- Gig Gwin

Middle East:

Bahrain - Strolled between the glittering shops of the gold market in Manama.

Iran - On a 9-day tour, experienced the rule of the bizarre Ayatollah laws, ate monotonous restaurant food of bean soup and kabobs, shopped in the copper and brass markets of Iman Square Isfahan with its brilliant blue and turquoise tiles.

Israel - Knelt to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, got my eyes burned from the salt water while floating in the Dead Sea; in the heat of the day, climbed Masada, where Israelites made a last stand against the Roman Legions; escorted a Lutheran and later a Catholic pilgrimage in old Jerusalem; stood at the western wall as the Jewish faithful from around the world came to pray, while a short distance away the Moslems prayed at the Dome of the Rock; with the sun setting, shared stories and wine with Franciscans at a holy place on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Jordan - Rode a white and tan Arabian stallion into Petra’s narrow gorge; met and talked with Bedouin tribesmen of the Hashemite kingdom.

Kuwait - Was invited with a business associate to enjoy a cold bottle of non-alcoholic champagne near the famous three towers of Kuwait City.

Nakhchivan - After the Travelers Century Club announced this remote enclave as a country, flew 16,000 miles in 4 ½ days, snapped photos and wrote an article that was picked up by the Associated Press.

Oman - Slept in the most opulent hotel in the world, the Al Bustan Palace in Muscat.

Saudi Arabia - Nodded politely to my waiter as he excused himself for evening prayers; bought gold, frankincense and myrrh, brought them home and had my three sons present them to my wife as Christmas gifts.

Syria - Got completely lost in an Arab souk market in Damascus, later saw the early Christian underground Church of the Apostle Paul.

United Arab Republic - Negotiated a business agreement with a sheik at his palace in Dubai, and then toured all seven Emirates in one long day.

Yemen - In respect for my guide and his driver, abstained from food and drink during the daylight because of Ramadan fasting (boy, was I hungry); drove our 4 x 4 Jeep to visit Arabesque villages in the forbidding deserts.