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Stick a pin in Gig Gwin and out bursts a travel song! On his endless journeys throughout the world, he has discovered new destinations, and, in turn, has created travel songs along the way. Yes, he bleeds travel. For five decades, Gig has traveled on the four winds and seven seas. A few years back, he completed a life-long goal of visiting every country in the world, 320.

His Welsh heritage, combined with a singing family, engendered in him the love of songwriting. Words and phrases intrigue him and melodies gather in the hobgoblins of his mind. Travel destinations call Gig to faraway places with strange sounding names, building the backbone for his travel tunes. He is mesmerized by the variety of music heard throughout the world. Gig becomes immersed in the ring of a calypso band in St. Lucia or a salsa group in Havana, the haunting refrains of an Irish harp, or the harmony of local Kikuyu tribesmen.

With inspiration and perspiration, he blends melodies and memorable destinations. Current songs include: Laid Back Caribbean Island; Grand Prix Speed (Monte Carlo); The Taj Mahal (All for the Woman He Loved); The Sounds of Jerusalem; and upcoming songs still under construction-- Cruising; and Bound for Sturgis, a South Dakota Harley-Davidson bikers’ tune. Also in the stable is a tender song about World War II called Missing You and The Road to Adventure, which is a broad-based travel song.

Gig loves evergreen melodies and travel themes which have delighted both tourists and tourist boards across the four corners of the world. A memorable chorus is his objective. Don’t look for songs outside the walls of travel. He frowns on any diversions away from destinations, and, yes, he is content to be called a one-trick pony; although, in the world of travel, that pony is running around a very large ring, with boundless ideas and hooks. So if a song is needed about cruising or safaris or the splendors of Europe, then Gig Gwin is your man.

"Gig Gwin is acknowledged as one of the travel industries foremost authorities."

  • One of a handful of world travelers who has visited every country on the world (320 total)
  • Author of the popular book, Travel Dreams Sold Here…Crafting an Extraordinary Vacation
  • Creator of a 75 Grand Tours of the World vacation list
  • 70+ trips to Europe; 50+ cruises worldwide
  • Over three million miles of travel and exploration
  • Permanent on-air guest of Pierre Wolfe’s “America’s Dining and Travel Guide” weekly syndicated radio broadcast
  • Frequent guest on NBC affiliate KSDK Television in St. Louis
  • Contributing travel specialist on CBS affiliate KMOX radio and NPR St. Louis
  • Has spoken to groups representing more than 200 different organizations and businesses over the past 5 decades
  • Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Gwin’s Travel, the largest local travel agency in St. Louis
  • Former national travel writer for the American Express Persona magazine, plus author of 50+ other published articles
  • Featured in USA Today, The Globe and Mail, Stars and Stripes, and by the Associated Press
  • 50+ years of experience in the travel/tourism industry

Unsolicited email endorsements from composers/songwriters:

Johann Sebastian Bach – Gig, writing in my style will give you great rewards, but try not to change the style. If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.

Hank Williams, Sr. – Just a short note to let you know that two of my favorite songs, Hey Good Looking and I Saw the Light were not written about you.

George Frideric Handel – Finally someone who blends destinations with haunting melodies. I say “Hallelujah!”

Ludwig van Beethoven – Heard your latest demo. Liked the song. It was an “Ode to Joy.”

George Gershwin – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But your version of Rhapsody in Periwinkle still needs work.

James Brown - Listened to your latest tune. All I can say is, “Please, Please, Please, give me more travel songs.”

Johnny Cash – Got it, and listened to your latest tape, and well… it should be put in Fulsom Prison.

For additional unsolicitated emails, please go to www.tongueincheek.con.